James Ssewakiryanga Junior, professionally known as Ssewa Ssewa, is a Ugandan live performing musician, multi – instrumentalist, founder of Janzi Band and inventor of Janzi, a musical instrument.

The Janzi is a string instrument invented by Ssewa Ssewa. The instrument has been used on all Janzi Band and Ssewa Ssewa’s setups since its inception. The janzi is a based on the traditional harp-like Ugandan instrument called the adungu, but the janzi is different in several ways, unique and patented as a separate instrument.

The name originates from the name of the band. His first instrument was a xylophone, taught by his mother. He started studying business at university, but after being encouraged and taught by members of his father’s band, decided to pursue music.


Janzi Instrument  invented by Ssewa Ssewa. It was vetted and accorded utility model protection by the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) in Zimbabwe and Uganda Registration Services Bureau in 2017.

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