Janzi Extra Receives High Praise from Wurld at Jameson Hangout

Janzi Extra at Jameson Hangout
Jameson Hangout

In an exclusive interview with the Mob Jazz Podcast, Nigerian singer Wurld couldn’t help but express his admiration for Janzi Extra and their extraordinary performance at Jameson Hangout. Wurld revealed that despite limited rehearsal time, the band’s natural talent shone through.

Wurld shared that he arrived in the evening just before the show, leaving no time for extensive rehearsals. However, during the sound check for a few songs, Janzi Band effortlessly synced with him. He went on to describe the experience as organic and praised the band as one of his favourites to play with.

What’s even more impressive is that all coordination happened remotely, with Wurld sending updates and the band sharing files online. The seamless collaboration left Wurld pleasantly surprised at how everything fell into place without the need for extensive rehearsals.

Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations and unforgettable performances from Janzi Extra. Their natural talent continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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