Janzi Extra Takes the Stage at Jameson Hangout: An Unforgettable Bonding Experience

We are thrilled to announce that Janzi Extra , Uganda’s renowned musical sensation, will be bringing its captivating performance to the highly anticipated Jameson Hangout event. Set to take place on June 24th, 2023, at the enchanting Ndere Centre, this extraordinary evening promises an unforgettable fusion of games, music, and the finest Irish whiskey.

As part of Jameson’s commitment to creating bespoke bond and connect experiences, the Jameson Hangout offers a unique platform for individuals to come together, forge lasting connections, and celebrate life in extraordinary ways. This edition of the Hangout will feature international sensation WurlD as the headliner, and Janzi Band will grace the stage alongside a talented lineup including Akeine, Rickman, DJ Kasbaby, DJ Chapat, DJ Alza, DJ Vans, DJ Tony, and Sheila Salta.

Guests at the Jameson Hangout can look forward to a diverse range of interactive games, enticing pop-up shops, captivating musical performances, mouth-watering barbeque, and, of course, the opportunity to indulge in the finest Irish whiskey. This exceptional bonding experience offers an ambiance that will create cherished memories for all in attendance.

Tickets for the Jameson Hangout are available for purchase at tagticketing.com or by dialing &165*98# on MTN, priced at only 20,000/=. The festivities will kick off at 2:00 PM, transitioning seamlessly from a vibrant day party into an electrifying night celebration.

Organized by Talent Africa in partnership with Safeboda, the Jameson Hangout promises an unparalleled event where music, cuisine, and camaraderie converge. It is an invitation for young party people to immerse themselves in an experience like no other, celebrating the bonds of friendship and the joy of life.

Join Janzi Band and a stellar lineup of artists as we take the stage at Jameson Hangout. Prepare to be enchanted by the harmonious melodies, infectious rhythms, and the collective spirit of togetherness that will permeate the air. This is an event you won’t want to miss!

For more information, updates, and to secure your tickets, visit Tag Ticketing’s official website at [tagticketing.com ]. Stay tuned for further announcements and get ready to bond, connect, and create unforgettable memories at the Jameson Hangout with Janzi Extra!

About Jameson Hangout: Jameson Hangout is a series of bond and connect events organized by Talent Africa in partnership with Safeboda. These events offer a platform for individuals to come together, celebrate life, and create lasting connections. Featuring exceptional musical performances, interactive games, delectable cuisine, and the finest Irish whiskey, Jameson Hangout promises an extraordinary experience that combines entertainment, camaraderie, and the spirit of celebration.

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