A Joyful Sunday of Reflection and Worship:Millennials for Christ Ministries ft Janzi Extra Live Stream Experience

Sundays hold a special place in our hearts, as they offer a chance to gather, reflect, and find spiritual solace. This past Sunday was no exception, as Janzi Extra embarked on a profound journey of worship and inspiration through a captivating live stream event.

Apostle Jonathan Nalebo

As the sun graced the day with its gentle rays, our virtual stage became a platform for both music and meaningful messages. We shared not only our music but also our Mission, Vision, and Core Values that guide us on our journey of faith and creativity. Through contemporary praise and worship, we aimed to redefine our connection to Christ, infusing every note with devotion and purpose.

A highlight of the day was a heartfelt message from Apostle Jonathan Nalebo, a guiding light for many of us. His words resonated deeply, reminding us that as born-again Christians, we carry the responsibility of bringing positive change to our nation. The message emphasized that Christ lives within us, urging us to lead by example in service and compassion.

Josh Mujuni

The live stream was not only a space of worship but also a realm of connection. Our screens became bridges that linked souls, spanning distances and uniting us in a common purpose. The joy of sharing music and messages, even through virtual means, reaffirmed the power of unity and the resilience of faith.

To capture the essence of this soulful Sunday, we are excited to share a collection of photos that encapsulate the spirit of the day. These images reflect the emotions, devotion, and sense of community that flowed through every moment of the live stream.

Ssewa Ssewa

As we look back on this meaningful Sunday, we extend our gratitude to all who joined us, shared their energy, and connected through worship. The journey continues, and we invite you to relive the moments, soak in the messages, and let the music continue to inspire and uplift.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to connect, worship, and reflect through the gift of music. Let’s journey forward, guided by faith, unity, and the love of Christ.

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